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Taking The World By Storm, One Brand At A Time.


Taking The World By Storm, One Brand At A Time.

When you’re somebody like Stephanie J, who doesn’t mind playing the background, it’s only a matter of time before you and the weight you hold comes to the light.
Meet Stephanie J, entrepreneur, newly published author, a modern-day Jane of all trades!

Stephanie J got her start at the age of 19, realizing early on that a traditional 9-5 was not for her. ” I never imagined my self working for someone else. My creativity would never allow it”, Stephanie says.

Known to most as the Olivia Pope of business, Stephanie J has worked with a wide variety of artists and businesses such as Def Jam, Universal Music Group, VH1, Toys R Us and more. Stephanie J works with start-up companies to help them maximize their potential as entrepreneurs, making sure they are running their businesses in an optimal fashion. With A Bachelors in Journalism / Communications and a Masters degree in Business Law, Stephanie J definitely earned her stripes. As the owner of She Brands Inc, The Biz Plan Shop & SJ Media Group, as well as the author of the newly released book BLAQlisted, Stephanie J is very busy these days but still manages to show up and show out in all areas of her businesses. ” I’m always productive. I say productive because it’s better than being busy.”

When asked how she deals with the stigma of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, Stephanie replied in her quick-witted way, ” I can’t be placed in that box. I worked my ass off to get here and I did it all from the muscle. Just because I’m a woman does not mean I deserve any less respect in this industry. Besides, the last time I checked, the only person in a box, was a MAN named Jack.”

Feel free to follow Stephanie J on Twitter at @BlaqIsLyfe and Instagram at @SheBrandsInc

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