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Transparency, Integrity and Compassion: The New Era Concept for Marketing


Transparency, Integrity and Compassion: The New Era Concept for Marketing

“Fear of losing something forces us to gain something”: This dramatic thought has been a power of the business community from past several years. Companies try to judge the psychological weaknesses of the buyers and then throw repetitive advertisements in front of them to make them sure that this product is the best solution to all the trauma they are facing. But how long do you think this marketing idea will sustain?

Do you really think that this negatively charged drama can actually drive the market? If you are concerned only about the revenues, probably it can work for some extent, but if you are determined to establish a good character and valuable brand impression in the market; it is time to find some potential solution.

The new era solution for marketing:

No matter which niche your company serves to the world; there are three potential elements that drive its code of conduct; they are compassion, integrity and transparency. If you want your brand to make a positive impression in the market; it is important to be transparent about your work, perform them with integrity and take compassionate actions to set an example.

The fact is that a company’s moral values and its character is equally important as that of a human being. As a child needs full care and attention from his parents; similarly, a company needs full care and attention from its owner to grow. And this concept applies to all self-brands, governments, companies and organizations. When a company meet the goal of being transparent, integral and compassionate; niche will automatically find its way to serve more people in the market.

Things to know about Compassionate action:

It is well proven that when you devote your time, efforts and money to gear a positive change in the community; it always ensures with best results. In today’s society; there is no need to work on brute marketing methods rather you need to be more careful about the client, community, environment and planet as well. People are now more concerned about their emotional, physical and mental health. They always prefer to check ingredients before investing on any random product. Also, people are more interested to know how a product is making a positive contribution to society. It means your niche must be environmentally friendly, organic, and valuable for the planet as well. By looking at this scenario; it is important to focus on new marketing ideas. Eddie BenAbraham has launched two potential solutions to meet these marketing goals: GollyGoose and The Compassion Gauge Tool. GollyGoose is an uplifting news network that can help companies to spread a positive message about their brand in the world. The idea is to uplift consciousness, and then a Compassion Gauge Tool must be installed to every page on the website to learn about customer behaviours. These tools are combined to work like a scientific instrument that can measure the customer energies and the resulting analysis can be later used to improve the performance of the organization in the market. These tools can help companies to create a perfect balance between transparency, integrity and compassion. Soon they can contribute to making this world a better place for the consumers while ensuring exponential growth in business.

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Eddie BenAbraham is the President and founder at GollyGoose and, the inventor of “The Compassion Gauge Tool” a one-of-a-kind technology which automatically detects the state of compassion in humans. The “Compassion Gauge” objective is: to rank uplifting stories and see how we all feel about them. As more participants gauge a story, the more we learn how effective it is in evoking a state of compassion. With an extensive background in online & offline marketing, business management, web development, product development and character building for companies Eddie works with a broad range of professional experience. Website:

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