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Pylyp Matiukhin’s Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Books, Business and Girlfriend


Pylyp Matiukhin’s Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Books, Business and Girlfriend

Pylyp Matiukhin Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Books, Business and Girlfriend

The famous entrepreneur’s wife, girlfriend, net worth, business and books. If you are in search of the Wikipedia bio for Pylyp Matiukhin, here it is.

Pylyp Matiukhin Wikipedia, Biography, Age

Born on 12th April 1987, he is 31 years old. Pylyp Matiukhin was raised by his mother who is an artist, and father, venture capitalist. Although his Wikipedia search does not bring up much of his past life, his rise in the business world has increased his net worth.


According to Pylyp’s LinkedIn, he earned a degree in the University of Miami.

Pylyp Matiukhin’s net worth; How did Pylyp become rich?

Over the years, his net worth has changed from what it was before. Some estimate his net worth to being between $10 million and $30 million dollars. Pylyp Matiukhin is also a motivational speaker who runs a podcast.

His educational program is followed by many. He gets hired as an advisor to various startups and politicians. His official Instagram account has over 1,000,000 followers. His net worth sums up all his business explorations and investments mostly in technology companies and crypto.

Pylyp owns a black Porsche among other vehicles. Searching on Google, you will find photos of his cars. He does live a luxurious life in Miami, USA.

Pylyp Matiukhin Personal Life. Who’s Dating Pylyp?

Information on whether he is married is not yet out. However, he is known to be dating his girlfriend YesBabyLisa. She is a model & musical artist based in Miami.

Pylyp Matiukhin Tattoos Meaning

It is rumored that Pylyp has many tattoos. Among available pictures on the Internet can be seen “Yes Man” on the chest and “Always Hungry” on the neck.

Pylyp Matiukhin Books and Publications

Pylyp is the author of many books on finance, computer science, social media, and personal growth. Notable work includes Big Crypto Encyclopedia, published in 2018.

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