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Interview With David LISS, creator of the brand “David LISS Parfums by Léa CAPO”


Interview With David LISS, creator of the brand “David LISS Parfums by Léa CAPO”

Hello David, could you introduce yourself ?

Sure ! I’m David and I created my own perfume brand, David Liss Parfums, four years ago now. We design perfume in Paris and then produce in Grasse, south of France.

What is your career history ? What led you to create perfume ?

I studied law and art history, but as life is full of surprises I ended up working in the world of events. Besides I have always been constistent in my love for fashion, I care about the way I look, the way I dress, this is part of my personality. And when I had the chance to turn my interest for refinement into something concrete, it was obvious that I wanted to design fragrances.

Can you tell us about the characteristics of the brand?

Everything is made in France, from start to finish. The manufacture of these products is totally handcrafted : no machines. As much as possible, the essences we use are processed manually in our lab and infuses naturally. Our bottles are labelled and packed by hand. I would define our design as minimalist but sophisticated. And you know, I value quality more than anything. It is important for me to respect a certain level of demand, such as the high concentration of perfume that garanties a long hold throughout the day.

How do you create a fragrance ? What’s the process ?

Well, most of the time I come up with a rather raw idea, and then we work as a team to transcribe it into a specific blend. Or sometimes it’s just a feeling. 

For instance, the idea for our emblematic fragrance  Fabulous Men came to me like an epiphany. One morning, I sat into a brand new car and, you know there is this very specific smell and I thought ‘That’s it ! I have to do something with that !’, and immediately called my team to start working on it. In my opinion, there is nothing more masculine than the smoky scent of leather, and I wanted to base a whole fragrance on that particular essence.

Another story behind one of our perfume is when I wanted to create a fragrance for the person I love, I wanted to transpose herself into a fragrance, and tried to put her essence in a bottle. I called it Nouvelle Muse  because she is the source of my daily inspirations. In short, there are as many fragrances as there are feelings.

Where can you be found ?

Our products are available online on our website and in French concept stores.

We are based in Paris and guarantee a free delivery service in the capital and its surroundings in less than 24 hours. Naturally, we also carry out international shipment. Plus, I am very excited  to say that the first David Liss shop is soon to be opened in Paris. 

Do you have new projects ?

Yes, we are constantly developing new fragrances, and as a matter of fact a new one is coming for december. Alongside, we are about to launch a David Liss cosmetic line. We are currently working on a full set of care products including among others a face serum, day and night creams and exfoliants. I consider perfume and cosmetics as complementary, it will be a great way to fully experience the quality of the brand.

One word to describe…

The sensation of wearing perfume ? Empowering

The DL woman ? Proud

The DL man ? Subtle

You ? Adventurous

– by Léa Capo

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