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Secoo Entered into a Strategic Partnership with Will’s Group to Expand into Fitness Lifestyle


Secoo Entered into a Strategic Partnership with Will’s Group to Expand into Fitness Lifestyle

No one will doubt that this year has been the best year for Asia’s largest premium lifestyle platform Secoo’s customers. It started off on a high note with various strategic plans for making the life of their clients most comfortable by leveraging on the online and offline experience. Then came the numerous strategic partnership with various multinational lifestyle companies, all for product diversification for the clients. As if that’s not enough, during the year, Secoo chose to work with Chen Man, China’s most influential and popular photographer and visual artist, in a bid to combine Chinese and western culture. Her tag of “the red-hot fashion photographer changing the way we see China” by CNN is part of the reason the renowned photographer was chosen.

Well, it looks like the Asia’s largest premium lifestyle platform Secoo is not done with the year’s goodies to its customers. The company recently officially signed a strategic partnership with Will’s Group, China’s leading provider of membership-based fitness facilities and services, invested by L Catterton, a subsidiary of LVMH Group. Nothing could be more appetizing than the knowledge of going to work and then unwinding in the best fitness centre. This is what the two companies is seeking to take advantage of as they leverage their resources in building the best premium fitness area in China. The partnership came at an opportune period as Secoo seek to enhance its comprehensive premium lifestyle layout.

So, what’s in the deal for the consumers? First, the consumers can buy the Will’s monthly fitness membership card on Secoo’s online platform exclusively. This is especially good news to the Secoo’s existing customers as they do not have to seek membership card anywhere else. Second, consumers can use Secoo’s instalment payment for Will’s membership card purchase. Third, the two companies launch a new yearly premium membership card with points rewarded. Finally, the consumers will enjoy a 30-day experience with membership points.

Secoo’s founder and CEO, Rixue LI did not fall short of praise for their partnership with Will’s Group, saying that Will’s Group is China’s leading fitness brand. According to Mr LI, this partnership will boost Secoo’s endeavour to develop a premium fitness for its diverse consumers. Not only that, Secoo is seeking to bring to its high-end customers a multi-dimensional experience by setting up a comprehensive premium lifestyle service through the partnership.

The Will’s Group represented by their Chairman, Wenwei Wang hail praises to the Secoo group as the largest online and offline premium lifestyle platform in Asia. He lauded the in-depth partnership saying that it will boost high-end fitness area and promote a healthy lifestyle for Chinese premium consumers.

The deal was for good reason, given the success stories of the Will’s Group since its inception in the year 1996 in Shanghai. The group is now operating more than 140 fitness clubs with an estimated membership of more than 400,000 in 12 Chinese cities. The group prides itself with three different club brands making them the market leader in the Chinese fitness industry. It is no surprise the Will’s Group are already redefining the fast-growing premium fitness and wellness segment. Talking of redefining a market, the group offers amazing services ranging from a complete and integrated services, including general fitness space, group classes, body-building, personal training, nutrition planning, spa, yoga, and swimming.

For Secoo-enjoying their place as Asia’s largest premium lifestyle platform-this partnership deal could not have come at any other time than now. The deal blended so well with the company’s omnichannel shopping platform which supports easy product choice, order processing, and convenient payment methods. Given, for the past few months Secoo has complimented its online platform with offline experience centers to offer a world-class customer service. With these strides Secoo has been a centre of interest from suppliers of upscale products, including brands, authorized distributors, personal and corporate suppliers. No doubt, Secoo will continue to exceed the expectation of its consumers with their comprehensive global supply chain designed to meet the diverse purchase preferences and needs of its customers, ranging from seasonal luxury products, to highly sought-after classic styles, and vintage products.

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