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King and Queen of Surfing Share Shocking New Facts About How Shark Nets Are Actually Training Sharks To Eat People


King and Queen of Surfing Share Shocking New Facts About How Shark Nets Are Actually Training Sharks To Eat People

Anyone who relaxes while taking a swim “because a net is stretched across the bay keeping out sharks” may be living with false sense of security. We are actually heavily at risk, claims the world’s most televised environmentalist, who is also the lesbian media darling #QueenOfSurfing.

She is currently a guest of Mike Chomley, proprietor of Srilanka Kite School in Sri Lanka. Because she is the Supermodel Activist of the Decade recognized by a team connected with Harvard, she and Mike got into a serious discussion about shark nets, as Australian Mike is familiar with shark netted beaches of N. New South Wales.

The informed opinion of Mike is that if a shark wanted to eat a person, why does it only take ONE test bite, spit it out, and not return the way a shark does when it enjoys a meal. When something is nutritious to a shark, like a seal, a shark does not stop at one bite, it returns to that seal carcass repeatedly until it is consumed.

This is not shark behaviour with people. If it test bites a person, it NEVER returns for a second bite, the way it does with seals or other officially noted shark food preferences, thereby proving sharks are not an inherent danger to people, because sharks are definitely not interested in people as a food source.

Due to these facts, shark nets not only trap sharks needlessly, they also kill all kinds of sea life, including dolphins and turtles which ARE shark food. The more shark food we needlessly kill, the more we render sharks hungrier with their depleted food supply, thus contributing to why sharks test bite people. Less food for sharks is the reason sharks are suddenly curious about people! Take down shark nets, stop killing their food so sharks won’t be hungry enough to test bite us!

Therefore, a bay withOUT shark nets will have more food sources for a shark so sharks in that bay will be less likely to test bite anyone, whereas, a bay WITH shark nets renders sharks hungrier since there are less seals, dolphins, and fish there; so in these bays WITH shark nets, sharks are more curious about people possibly as food.

With this logic and reason by those who earn a living off the ocean and who observe marine activity of all kinds regularly, we declare that the safest bays for ALL have no shark nets.

The more we use shark nets, we are actually forcing sharks to suddenly evolve to accepting people as food because their other food sources are depleted.

Also, when people give up seafood, sharks will stop going hungry from their depleted food supply which will prevent sharks from test biting anything.

The more we eat seafood, the more we force sharks to evolve to accept people as a food source since we depleted all their other options.

King and Queen of Surfing remain exclusive professional partners as top environmental activists and sponsored surfer models amidst their openly LGBTQ friendly lifestyle. They previously collaborated on a multi-award documentary banning shark finning titled, “Worst Shark Attack Ever.” Shark finning is the worst shark attack ever.

Supermodel #QueenofSurfing adheres to the legitimate professional supermodel rules which dictate that one’s face be her calling card and NOT HER NAME, so we never reference her name, just as Lady Gaga is known by that brand, not her real name.

Surf media in 2015 announced our world’s most televised environmentalist as Queen of Surfing and our reigning world champion surfer as King of Surfing. This reigning world champion surfer is also a model and is considered a more legitimate model by the modelling community when King of Surfing leads more by facial recognition and credits only such as winning top honours at the Surfer Poll the past four years in a row. (Surfer Poll 2018 is like the Oscars of Surfing.)

These official rules are why 99% of models and supermodels do not have name recognition nor want it. They prefer their face and philanthropy being more than enough, like Queen of Surfing.

Aside from kitesurfer Mike Chomley of Sri Lanka, Queen of Surfing also thanks: in Sri Lanka for beauty maintenance before she returns to the #1 pro surf school in India Thanks to the professional management of this eco – friendly Banana Surf School, they utilize waxless surfboards, as some surf waxes harm the ocean.

Surfing with this top surf school in Asia and the Indian Ocean (which has the best waves over any ocean) is better for the following reasons: Banana Surf School is one of the safest places to learn because there are easier waves, pro staff, beginner-friendly surfboards, no reef, no sharp rocks, no sharks, and, no shark nets.

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