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Urban America is about to receive a national breakout with race car action and drag racing. The “JUNKYARD #1 SPEEDWAY” has recently made the decision to expand its brand globally and by the looks of things, the excitement is about to become contagious.

Located in Canton, MS, this track’s purpose wasn’t always for racing cars, it’s original beginnings was used for horse racing until December of 1999. The track’s initial name was “Junkyard #1” and when it converted to car racing, adding the word SPEEDWAY began a new epic era for the world of racing in Mississippi. Developing this monumental race track took time, dedication and hard work as the owner dug the soil, precisely measured each layout and spent hours creating the legendary plannings with his sons. Inspired by both parents, the CEO main goals were to create cherishing memories for all who visits the track and deliver a home away from home type feeling to everyone!

The racing time frames varies based on seasons, providing it’s booked. March thru October is Saturday’s and Sunday’s, the month of November races only two weekends, and December thru February 1, the track is opened only one weekend per month. The annual amount of races each year depends on the bookings as well as the proper weather to present the best, down-home racing to their attractive fanbase and audiences coming from all over. Helping people and providing a great family like environment gives the JUNKYARD #1 SPEEDWAY a real purpose outside of racing with a philanthropic foundation that spreads love and a positve energy of enjoyment.

Entertainment outsourcing for the track has extended its reach by now streaming a new television series that will appear on ROKU under the HOT NOIZE NETWORK in 2019. 2023 will be the 25th anniversary year for the track, so the hosting events surrounding the celebration will be stellar! New vendors, participants and fans are sure about to get a bang for their bucks and a guaranteed show with the upcoming seasons, and if destiny has its way, the JUNKYARD #1 SPEEDWAY is soon to be the most talked about and one of the most recognized tracks in the world for pleasurable southern hospitality, good times and enjoyable fun.

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