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Elevate Your Business With York Virtual Services


Elevate Your Business With York Virtual Services

Being able to control and properly conduct your business necessities doesn’t always have to be internal. The solutions have become virtual and this is where (YVS) YORK VIRTUAL SERVICES LLC. decided to take over with their professional expertise.

Why YVS, because operating websites and administrative apps have not only caused internal jobs to evaporate, but companies budgets have favored the profits and contracting from the outside has become the corporate way to go. YVS provides a hands on approach to not only serve clients the best of technology options to maintain efficiency, speaking directly to staff keeps the human to human interactions relevant for questions or broad interests to elevate support. YVS provides paralegal, administrative and business services that consists of payroll processing, employee attendance tracking, job postings/job ads management, applicant screenings, resume/profiling reviews, background checks, conducts initial phone interviews, booking in office interviews, database management of employees, drafting policies and employee manuals, data entry, property management and much more!

YVS provides a “NO WORRY ZONE” environment for all of their clients and complimenting challenges with consistency has been the nature of this company since their beginnings. In 2019, YVS plans to not only expand their territories of business, going commercial is the likely factor for this conglomerate company. Expect some business to go public for clientele purposes and a ton of advertising from YVS as the world of virtual services reaches new heights.

Yadilka Reyes York
Virtual Professional
York Virtual Services, LLC.
(866) 952-8477

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