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Armando Cabba: Contemporary Art’s Up-And-Coming Painter


Armando Cabba: Contemporary Art’s Up-And-Coming Painter

With collectors and exhibitors winding down from Frieze London and Banksy news, there is one artist to keep an eye on. Although he didn’t participate this year, Armando Cabba is creating waves from Paris that are beginning to be felt all over.

The 28-year-old Canadian born artist can be found operating and working out of his own gallery Atelier Cabba that neighbours historical Montmartre. Portraiture has been the primary foundation of his work resulting in his ongoing “Self” series. Beyond his versatility and striking execution of numerous styles, Cabba’s work dives into the subject of mental health and one’s introspective relationships. In the age of selfies and social media, his self-portraits are fragments of the more concealed side of human emotion. Through disfigured faces, we are granted a clear look into the artist’s soul.

In reference to other art news such as Marina Abramovic being assaulted by another artist, Cabba has not been shy to voice his opinions on major names in the contemporary art world. We can’t say we’d be surprised reading a headline such as “Anish Kapoor hospitalized after being pushed into his own installation by Armando Cabba” Being conscious of his sense of humor, he’d film it and title it “KARMA” and the truth is there’s a majority of us who’d enjoy watching it.

This is not to portray Cabba as some sort of bully entering the art scene. He’s completely aware of how absurd contemporary art can be. This is part of what makes him the people’s favorite. A few other elements include how he’s outspoken against toxic masculinity, is a supporter of Black Lives Matter, and his positive attitude to help uplift others. Armando Cabba is an artist that supports those who support him.

A young man paints himself over 80 times and provokes the question “How can we come to terms with the complexities of the world before we understand and accept what’s happening in ourselves?” As us viewers gaze upon the collections of himself on canvas, we can’t help but feel the impulse to self-reflect and see many parts of us in his work. This is an artist who genuinely feels. Cabba has created strength through vulnerability and his work is inspiring people to face their own darkness.

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