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Adrian Rubin: Successful Student Interview on Sustainability


Adrian Rubin: Successful Student Interview on Sustainability

Most interviews can become very typical over time but some methods can be taken to avoid this. Interviewers around the nation and the world agree that by doing something memorable or unique during an interview it can really help you stand out from the rest of the pack. The same results can be achieved by doing the an interview and being very unique already. The both was achieved with a certain applicant by the name of Adrian Rubin. This very interesting individual achieved both goals interviewers or employers crave to find. With what was accomplished by Rubin her interview has become a topic of discussion across message board and websites alike.

The world’s best travelers guide is not a machine or website crafted to keep everything in the best proximity and budget of a customer. Traveling requires some inside knowledge, research on the location at hand and also actual human input for destination they would like to travel. You can’t talk to a computer directly and ask it questions or recommendations as great travel guides like Rubin and others.

Being the best comes with its obstacles, challenges and other hardships. Often times though feeling the warm sensation of the rewards outweighs it all. Dedication and discipline got Rubin through one of the most important interviews of her life. With this interview completed she can now continue to pursue higher goals in life.


Adrian Rubin is truly one of a kind as she goes to become one of the most influential leaders of our generation. Actually in general many people may beloved that sustainable energy is not possible. Rubin begs to differ and comes very interesting facts ton support his claims. The lady just simply will not quit on giving different countries and even the world sustainable energy! The goal to accomplishing this feat is said to be simply removing costs barriers for the sustainable technology. When the best is irrelevant real progress can be made which will ultimately benefit everyone dramatically. Energy companies however may be the only ones not behind Rubin. Less money being spent on energy is less money being earned by energy companies. It’s a classic question of looking out for everyone versus the top competitor.

What will make you happier, everyone receiving more efficient energy or companies getting less money?

Everyone receiving more efficient and sustainable energy is what I’m all about. I don’t really care about thermometer aspect of things. Listen, more efficient energy is not just better because you’re financially saving. You’re also saving the world! Let’s use what the earth gives us for energy instead of burning fossil fuels and other things not needed to be burned and is limited.

What advantage does solar energy have over electrical energy? There are many more benefits with solar energy than fossil fuel or electric energy. With solar energy being so much higher in the class of saving it is very wise to keep solar panels on stock versus other forms of less efficient energy. The world is better with solar panels because the sun has always been shining and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. With the sun’s powerful rays anything is possible and everything is possible when it comes down to saving with energy. The number one thing with solar rays is that they never stop and can always keep your home full of energy.

What made you care about the sustainable energy problem so much?

The problem that comes with not caring is it never being accomplished or it being accomplished later when it may be too late. You have to do what you feel is right especially when the world is the line. Many people may be able to be saved and not be kicked out of there house by saving electric bills. All comes into account when creating sustainable energy.

How can water waste reduction help the world?

The world is covered with more water than land. Even though that is a fact we should still try to keep all bodies of water free of waste and contaminating substances. With the waters clear people can drink safely. Safe drinking is key for vital health and other important factors. With water waste reduction costs will stay low. With lower cost of water people don’t have to go thirsty as some do in third world countries. Water should easily be accessible to every person who wants a drink. It is literally the element of life itself. Without water we couldn’t sustain life on earth. That means everything we know and love probably wouldn’t exist. Unless you just like rocks and nothingness water is needed forever so keeping waste reduction is very important.

What is you stance on the greenhouse affect?

Interesting question, the greenhouse affect has been classified to have an affect on the earth, however the effects do not outweigh the benefits of them. Positive things are plants growing in great environments away from harmful bacteria, fungi and other things can harm or stunt their growth and potential. Greenhouse shouldn’t be taken away based on that need. More are saved and used for much more beneficial purposes than if they were let outside. It probably wouldn’t harm them to be in s natural habitat but some if not most are grown with the greenhouse itself. Here there is a no harm no foul situation. In the past plants would be taken more frequently to establish a population worth keeping sustained with multiple botanists.

What does recycling do for us in the long haul if everyone participates?

Recycling is amazing and should always be practiced. Fortunately in this case the practice had been around for a long time. If continued properly a lot of people can save on glass plastic and cardboard waste. This keeps prices down, saves natural materials, keeps jobs running, etc. For everyone who wants to help in keeping energy and the world sustained they can easily do it by recycling. Help yourself and your future for your kids by helping move for the sustainable energy plan.

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