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Spotlight: Writer and Journalist Jackson Gosnell


Spotlight: Writer and Journalist Jackson Gosnell

Jackson Gosnell is a writer and journalist who provides news to residents of the Upstate of South Carolina, North East Georgia and Western North Carolina across all of his social media platforms and website.

Jackson has around ten thousand followers across all platforms that he delivers news to. His social media accounts are becoming increasingly popular after numerous online articles and blog posts recognize this stellar storyteller. The high-quality content that is posted on all of his accounts is part of the reason he attracts so many followers and viewers. Instagram and Twitter are the most noteworthy platform where the content is posted, including the stories.

Taking a look at recent statistics, we can see that Jackson’s site and social platforms have promising growth ahead for the future. Take a look at his site as well as social media handles below.

Twitter: GosnellOnTv

Instagram: Jackson.gosnell

Facebook Page: GosnellOnTv

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