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 Interview: Why Unified Announces Yields of 5M In Revenue


 Interview: Why Unified Announces Yields of 5M In Revenue

With a fierce spark in his personality and with the right attitude Robert Nikic made innovative changes in the landscape of SaaS and digital marketing. With an idea to ignite and flourish start-ups by integrating the best of the technological innovations, marketing and productivity apps, Why Unified merges the concept of both. Worth noting, the success he has achieved so far while leading Why Unified has not been a walk on the cake with Q3 of its first year yielding ~1M while exceeding ~5M which we discovered during our exclusive interview and sources. Endless capabilities, curiosity and hunger to achieve have met him with roadblocks along the way in taking ownership of the heavily competitive marketplace.

Robert’s idea behind Unified was to solve the problems faced by start-ups and SMB’s in their initial start-up stages. Defeating obscurity in the marketplace for SMB’s with a new concept of integrated marketing and providing the business necessary applications necessary to fuel their business to do more – in one place, without spending thousands of dollars.


We’re happy to present an interview of Robert Nikic, the CEO of Why Unified with an exclusive and first-in announcement of yielding 5M in revenue:


  1. Why Unified?

Why Unified, known as Unified was established in 2011 as a sales and marketing platform which knew it could change the way business’ around the globe get work done every day.

Unified understood the struggles a business owner had to go through to start and maintain a prosperous business, yet alone manage day to day operations and gain market share – which is where Unified established two products which would change the industry norm, introducing Unified Workplace, known as the operating system for business and Unified Marketing, a new way of marketing how it naturally designed to function – in sync with all elements.

Unified Marketing solves bringing a business out of obscurity and into their own niche while establishing brand trust, authority and value – but SMB’s still faced a struggle of having all of the necessary software to run their sales, marketing and day to day operations which couldn’t be sufficed under a start-up budget.


  1. How did you get started in this business?

Marketing drives revenue, applications enable them too – this is what inspired me to found Unified – fueling businesses to do more by unifying their marketing and workplace under one single platform.

While #shopsmall was becoming a trend, I was seeking an intuitive approach that would give start-ups and SMB’s the traction they need to compete with corporations that have their market share, which is how Unified was founded.

Unified enables start-ups and SMB’s to have the same marketing process that’s utilized by corporations such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Apple and McDonalds; by executing this process on a localized or niche level – it gives start-ups and SMB’s the fuel that corporations use on a global scale.

Unified Marketing helps you find your own niche while establishing brand trust, authority and value – but SMB’s still faced a struggle of having all of the necessary software to run their sales, marketing and day to day operations which couldn’t be sufficed under a start-up budget.

Invoicing would be processed through one app, while managing inventory through another and yet again – their CRM, helpdesk, email marketing, appointment scheduling, project management, live chat and handfuls of other essential software was either lost in translation never to be utilized knowing that these applications were critical towards doing more in less time and driving revenue.


  1. How do you differ from other digital companies?

Other digital marketing companies failed to introduce a marketing process or program which enables start-ups and SMB’s to compete with pre-existing companies or Corporations which have their market share. Supporting small business does not entail promoting #shopsmall but bringing a solution to SMB’s which promotes #shopsmall on a competitive level.

  1. How long did it take for Unified to become profitable?

Unified was profitable in Q3 of its first-year yielding ~1M in revenue while currently exceeding ~5M+


  1. One marketing strategy by Unified (other than referrals) that works really well to generate new business?

Unified partners with web hosting companies around with Unified Workplace for Hosts, which enables web hosting companies to integrate Unified Workplace into cPanel and offer it to their clients as an added value, for free.


  1. What do you think it is that makes you successful?

Practice what you strongly believe in!

Never lower your target; increase your actions. I believe focus and channelizing your energies in making it happen. You will certainly achieve what you have always believed in.

  1. Areas currently serving?

Unified services small and medium sized business owners around the globe with a prominent presence and market share in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands and Spain.

  1. What business books have inspired you?

The Art of War will teach you how to run a tight knit business operation and team through strategy with a direct reflection on how to translate it to business growth.

  1. Unified Marketing and Unified Workplace work in sync to make businesses reach the end goal, How?

Digital marketing by origin was naturally designed to function in sync with every element due to many elements being dependent on each other. For example, in order to achieve search engine rankings – content marketing and social media marketing are dependencies while also being key audience generating factors. In order to nurture and convert your audience – it can’t go without email marketing, retargeting and establishing product/service value. Unified Marketing consolidates all digital marketing elements to work in sync towards attributing reaching a business’ end goal.

Without Unified Marketing, business owners are piecing their digital marketing efforts together through a split-up approach and due to not reinforcing the required dependencies in digital marketing, while not establishing product/service value which is also the contributing reason why 30% of businesses fail during their first two years and 50% during the first five years.

  1. Unified Workplace is a totally new way to get things done! How do you explain this?

A platform it’s where you manage your sales, day to day operations, marketing and every vital part of your organization. We define Unified Workplace as a pulse of a business.

  1. How do you run entire business from one platform?

Swift through day to day operations with chat, email and a cloud phone system apps on any device and take your business with you, wherever you might be.

Your appointments, online orders, invoicing, phone system and more than 100+ business apps connect under one platform to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities. Manage your employees, view real-time reports on what’s happening in your business; get intelligent recommendations on every app to drive more revenue on overlooked sales opportunities.


  1. How does the apps on Unified workplace work?

With more than 100+ applications which includes the extensive list of free business applications that you can enable within moments’ notice. Your online ordering, email marketing, phone system, support system and live chat can easily be added to your website; wherever it may be.

Start accepting payments through the applications instantly with a flat 3% per transaction across the board without any additional fees. The small business “apps” are 100% free; we earn from the 3% transaction fees.

Easily setup, monitor and see sales boost by having customers use the web apps on your site. You’ll improve your customer experience and reduce costs all while using one unified system.

Every single application connects with one another to provide intelligent insights to help you close the overlooked sales opportunities and to personalize a customer’s experience.

Use the appointment scheduler; have the newsletter app automatically send emails based on their recent visit. Take an incoming call through the cloud phone; get intelligent insights on the recent products the customer viewed online, unresolved support requests or the next unscheduled appointment so you can take action.



During our interview, we have discovered that Why Unified is legally registered in both the United States and United Kingdom with Glassdoor claiming their revenue to bear $5 to $10 million (USD) per year.

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