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Ursula Maria’s new show “The Gatekeepers” provides insights into the Music, Film and Television Industry


Ursula Maria’s new show “The Gatekeepers” provides insights into the Music, Film and Television Industry

Actress Ursula Maria has teamed up with producer Samir Srivastava and The Kollaborative, as well as with the Guild of Music Supervisors to create her new show “The Gatekeepers” which focuses on both the music as well as the film and television industry and shines a light on what is really going on behind the scenes.

In the show Ursula is talking to producers, directors, music supervisors, editors, songwriters, and many more to find out how they got started and what it takes to not only survive but thrive in this cutthroat business.

Questions like “what can you do if you want to get your music placed in movies and tv shows” and “what are the things you wish someone had told you early on about the business that you know now” will be answered by a high caliber of people, from academy award nominees to industry veterans.

It is a show worth watching for everyone who is in the music or film and television business or wants to start working on it. Episodes have already been filmed with film and television music supervisor as well as head of the Guild of Music Supervisors Thomas Golubić, Image Award-winning and Black Reel Award-nominated series head writer Abdul Williams, experienced music supervisors Yvette Metoyer Jabari Ali, Andrew Kahn and Carolyn Richardson, Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated songwriter Taura Stinson, president of Go Music, DJ and 5-time Grammy Award-nominated film and television music supervisor Gary Calamar, long time music editor Craig Pettigrew, music editor Daniel Waldman and more.

Ursula Maria ( @ursula_maria_ ) has gotten her bachelors in theater, film, and media studies from the University of Vienna and has graduated from the Stella Adler Academy of Acting as well as the Garnish Music School in Los Angeles, all of which provided her with a well rounded knowledge of the strongly connected industries of film, television and music.

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