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Serbian fashion designer Natasha Nikolin on what makes women truly beautiful


Serbian fashion designer Natasha Nikolin on what makes women truly beautiful

Beauty and fashion are two categories that never get old and now, more than ever, we are obsessed with them. As a fashion designer, my job is to make women feel beautiful, in every moment while they’re wearing my brand. Knowing the intimately true meaning of beauty and fashion is my job and I like to think I’m really good at it. To make women feel special and unique is an art that few can master. You need to know what makes every, and I mean every women tic.

Then, what is it?

Her inner strength. Her inner feeling of being loved, of knowledge she’s unique in her special way. When she looks into the eye of circumstances in her life, when she needs to fight the odds, she needs to be sure of herself. And good clothes give women exactly that. I know personally, there is nothing I can’t do when I feel like million dollars in my own skin, in my clothes, with makeup and good heels. Many people think that self-confidence comes by itself like you just have it or you don’t. That is a misconception.

Self-confidence is something we build every hour of our existence. Nobody can give it to you or earn it for you. It’s task of every human being, to overcome obstacles and to grow through experience from failures or accomplishments likewise. My sister asked me yesterday was she wrong when she passed some opportunity. And I told her she wasn’t. In every case, she will learn from it and that’s good, to grow as a human being, that is our job while we are here on this earth. So, in my opinion, self-confidence is the sum of every decision during the day, every day of our existence. Self-confidence is decision that you will stand ground on your every decision, whether it goes wrong or it brings you accomplishment. It is so in work, relationships, friendship etc. So, beauty is the only product of self-confidence and choices we make or we are forced to make due to some life circumstances. You need to believe in yourself every waking hour, that you can, you will and you must! Be thankful for everything life gives you. Only then true beauty radiates through you and that’s when every human being is at it’s most beautiful.

So for women, it’s crucial you go through life with a wide smile and good faith. Nobody can refuse that kind of person and that’s a big secret everybody is trying to know. Today, most girls think, first they get beauty and then you get self-confidence and they pay thousands of dollars for plastic surgeries, clothes, bags, shoes etc. No. It’s another way around. First you get self-confidence and then beauty comes by itself. So, that’s why my brand has sizes from S to XXL and right now I’m working on adding XS and XXXL. We don’t use vanity sizing that most brands use. I counsel every customer which type of skirt, dress etc. is best for her body shape and work hard that my every customer is really feeling great when she wears Studio Nais.

My brand is really successful in my country and I hope in near future, we will expand our market worldwide. We have the ability to export in more than 240 countries worldwide, so I think I won’t miss that opportunity. And that is what it’s all about in the end. Do your best not to miss any opportunity in life. You have an opportunity every day to smile. So why don’t you?

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