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Real Estate Month: Interview with Donnahue George


Real Estate Month: Interview with Donnahue George

For “Real Estate” month, Donnahue George stopped by for an interview. A veteran and real estate mogul, we were eager to be able to give an introduction into his story as to aspire others.

Tell us about your business?

DG: There are actually 2 Businesses I work as a realtor for Keller Williams in Royal Oaks Michigan . I also have a real estate Rehab and Consultation business in Detroit Michigan. It is Called Trinidon Investment Rehab Consultants

Does it operate locally, nationally, internationally, all or some.

DG: The Keller Williams real estate office is in Royal Oaks Michigan . The Rehab investment consultation business is in Detroit Michigan. They are only 20 minutes apart so you can say detroit area. We operate locally but we assist investors from all over the world find properties, Rehab them sell them for a profit or rent them out and turn them into monthly money generating machines

Can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today?

DG: I served in the United States Marine Corps After I was honorably discharged I entered the Academy in NY City. I have a BS in Criminal Justice form John Jay College in NY. After I left law enforcement in NYC I went to the Dominican Republic and was the Conflict resolution officer in the fire department and held the rank of Major. I was buying and rehabing and selling property in the Dominican Republic. I returned to the United States and started purchasing property in Florida.

I came to the Detroit area because of all the real estate opportunities that it offered. I acquired my Real estate license and also aquired my Builders license. This gives me a unique incite. It allows me to be able to see properties not as they are but as they can be and this is invaluable to an investor or first time home buyer. I can assist them in getting property below market value and also put a team in place to assist them in maximizing the value and profit in the property. We are also planning om having a weekly radio program on 144o am in detroit where we will be inviting investors, buyer, sellers, lenders and all manner of real estate professionals to help educate the public about real estate

Has it been a smooth road? What were some of the struggles along the way?

DG: There are many obstacles whenever you start any new endeavor there is a learning curve that you will go through. The easiest way to navigate these obstacles is with a mentor or someone who has traversed those waters before you. By utilizing them to guide you your opportunity for success increase immensely. You have to have a team in place to be successful. The training and mentoring program that they have at Keller Williams makes the transition much more doable.

What are you most proud of as a company? What sets you apart from others

DG: We turn FOR SALE into SOLD. We find property either for investors or buyers looking for their dream home. We specialize in educating our buyer and sellers and make the transfer of real estate a smooth transition. We hold your hands through the whole process and we are available after the property has sold. We can assist you with every aspect of the real estate transaction. We can assist in the buying process the selling process the rehabilitation process along with the management of the property after it is rehabbed and rented

What quality or characteristic do you feel is most important to your success?

DG: Honesty, integrity, and perseverance the ability to see where the market is headed to know where the govt is investing money to ensure that our clients buy and invest in those areas so they maximize their investment dollars

Is there any pricing information that is relevant to our readers?

DG: We find properties in all price ranges for our clients

Contact Information:

My website,, and email

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