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Author Feature: Shavonda Robinson


Author Feature: Shavonda Robinson

Shavonda Robinson is an author/poet. Her published works include Thy paintbrush to abstracting images, Hidden Voices Of Abuse For Women All Around The World, Your Worst Mistake, Moving Phrases Into Inspiration, and I am An Free Woman Poems For Little Girls. She is an award-winning Songwriter and Poet and has been published in many anthologies and magazines. She is also the founder of “Create Something For The Future”, an online poetry magazine for upcoming poets and writers. She has two degrees in creative writing and criminal justice. She is the mother of two beautiful kids and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Stripped Words

My words are bare stripped down

all the way bare naked, Just a plain raw

I give myself to you honest thoughts on paper

from a poet’s perspective, I am bare naked, bare naked,

I am naked, I am naked explore my thoughts

mentally and visually.

I am naked, I am naked

I am baring my thoughts on paper

I am my own thoughts,

I am my own thoughts,

I am my own thoughts,

I am my own thoughts,

I am naked mentally.

I am not naive,

I am not blind,

I am not deaf,

I see you,

I hear you,

The question is do you see me?

Do you hear me?



You can find more of Shavonda’s work and poetry at Barnes & Nobles and through other sellers.


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