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Tatiana Chipondaminga Guest Stars On TV One’s #Murder


Tatiana Chipondaminga Guest Stars On TV One’s #Murder

There is no doubt to say that #Murder is an impressive addition to the True Crime Monday Line-Up of TV One. This series redirects the attention of viewers towards the influence of new technologies on our current society. Sr. Director of Programming Department at TV One, Tia Smith recently said that “use of social media could be a blessing, but there are some cases where it transforms to a curse as well”. The TV series #Murder, focuses on the same situation where internet and a potential social media platform were collectively used to plan and commit a dreadful crime.

This cutting edge and heart throbbing investigative series shows how crime goes viral with a deadly connection to social media and internet. Each episode of #Murder has a deep meaning itself where the audience will see how killer met the victim online and the way he posted incriminating details on the Facebook page. Everything in this series has a direct link to the hidden ill effects of current digital age.

The lead role of the 14-year-old murdered girl with the identity of Shaniesha Forbes was not seen wondering out with friends or family members, or scrolling her facebook wall and planning the dates on social calendar per normal; Instead, Shaniesha’s mother realized that there was something wrong when her daughter stopped picking up her phone calls, and she did not return home after school. Right after that, the detectives started their investigation using her social media profile as a base to find out what actually may have happened to the 14-year beautiful teen. This TV series actually throws light on the fear of every parent’s mind while reflecting the truth about sinister side of the social media platforms.

In this TV series, the challenging role of Shaniesha is performed by 17-year old guest star Tatiana Chipondaminga. #Murder is produced by Jupiter Entertainment where Harrison Land and Robert Twilley works as an executive in charge of the production department, and Todd Moss served as co-executive producer. The duties of Director and Producer of programming was held by Lamar Chase, and D’Angela Proctor works as Head of Production and Programming for TV One. Excited viewers of TV One are advised to connect to the conversation via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by using hashtag #Murder, and soon they will be able to get linked to promos and clips of this popular TV series via the YouTube Channel of TV One.

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