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Jordan York takes next step to make a real change in Western Pennsylvania


Jordan York takes next step to make a real change in Western Pennsylvania

Every once in a rare while, a city brings forth a son or a daughter who is destined to do something very special.

Pittsburgh’s Jordan York is already on that path.

York has twice been named Pittsburgh’s Best Pop Artist, and that from a man who only turned his attention to making positive, high octane, Pittsburgh themed songs just a mere five years ago. Now, his media profile continues to go from strength to strength.

York has a pedigree history of community activism, volunteering for social outreach charities and events around western Pennsylvania, making a real difference for the people. York has a proven track-record of dedicating all of his free-time to helping the disabled, homeless veterans and those families and kids in western Pennsylvania that are socially and economically disadvantaged.

And he wants to do more. Much more.

Jordan York’s love of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area is, without question, very real and very committed. Keenly aware of the history of the area, York is also acutely mindful of the numerous challenges to be found there.

Sadly, we know all too well how our communities are struggling with a range of issues. York’s heart is broken to see the ravages of the opioid crisis, yet at the same time he has a heart of steel and determination to get real solutions in place to tackle this problem.

Jordan York is acutely aware of how working people so often get the raw end of the deal. Working men and women need lower taxes, a living wage and decent pension provision when they retire. Like-wise affordable health care coverage and insurance needs to be available. Too many get sick and are then crushed by huge medical bills.

And then there’s the environment and the very real risk that climate change poses. Water needs to be safe to drink and the air needs to be good quality to breathe too.

All of these are problems that York sees and identifies with as a native of Pittsburgh / western Pennsylvania. And he is committed to rolling his sleeves up and getting things done.

Jordan York is moving on up to the next level of activism to ensure a real difference for his fellow citizens. He is looking for local politicians and community charities to step up and join him on that new platform of involvement.

There’s so much more to come from Jordan York. He has only really just begun. The people of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania deserve the best.

Jordan York is going to ensure that they get just that.

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