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Who is Lil Windex and Why is He the Greatest Rapper Alive?


Who is Lil Windex and Why is He the Greatest Rapper Alive?

Unraveling the Secret Behind the Self-Proclaimed “Greatest Rapper Alive”


His bright orange braids and gold teeth are not the only things that set Lil Windex apart from other Canadian born rappers— it’s his style.

Lil Windex isn’t like other rappers, in fact he’s not a rapper at all— he’s merely a personality. Created and played by comedian Dylan Godfrey, who also goes by the name of DTG, Lil Windex is an up and coming rap artist whose unconventional rap style has landed him 114k subscribers on YouTube.

If you’ve heard his music, you’d be almost disappointed in his fans for supporting his sound and style. His lyrics are very repetitive and shallow and his music consists of simple and anticlimactic beats. So, why is everyone so in love with Lil Windex? Because he’s a comedy skit. He’s the embodiment of everything wrong in today’s music. Godfrey is using Lil Windex as a character to criticize the current state of the rap industry.

Godfrey began his comedic career with skits on his Facebook page. In 2015, he posted “How NOT To Be A Rapper” — a comedy skit that pokes fun of how simple minded rap music has become. This was Godfrey’s first debut as an underground rapper.

The name Lil Windex was then created and his first single, “Cleanin Up”, dropped in 2017. It racked up more than 8 million views on YouTube. “This is my full time job,”

Windex told, “What do you think I’m some sort of clown? I rap and I sell records. There’s a lot of whack music out there, so I’m cleaning up the rap game.”

Godfrey, on his mission to “clean up the rap game” has since been featured on tracks with Riff Raff and various lesser known artists as well as released more of his own music. He has also launched his own merchandise line and continues to create comedy skits on his Facebook pages.


“Lil Windex I know you gon’ remember me/ if you don’t like me then I guess you’re now my enemy” -Lil Windex.


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