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THE MORNING by Lewis Watson: Album Review


THE MORNING by Lewis Watson: Album Review

The Morning
by Lewis Watson

BurstOut Review:

There’s nothing like music to sooth a weary soul. However as of late, people who really like more traditional music have had to look a little harder to find some music that is worthwhile. The radio only plays what’s popular, not necessarily what is good. Not that everything that plays on the radio is bad of course, but popular consciousness has been yielding some pretty bad results for quite a while. Thankfully there’s the ever handy Indie scene in music that provides a means for musicians that actually play instruments to get heard. Now, just because it’s Indie doesn’t mean it’s automatically good, lack of quality can be found anywhere. Thankfully today’s artist Lewis Watson delivers music worth listening to.

Indie music is often a way for throwback artists to get their stuff heard. The modern notion of music often involves auto-tune and completely synthesized beats to carry the non-existent vocals of most performers. There are exceptions of course, Lady Gaga has quite a gift for production and actually has more than just personality in her music. Oddly enough even One Direction have pretty good vocals and even instruments in  a couple of their songs, granted with them I can’t really recommend them outside one song. Where does this all leave us with Mr. Watson then? Well, he’s what you expect out of an Indie artist that has gotten a record deal, pretty good.

 His music is well produced, especially considering he had no formal training. That’s right, we have ourselves here a self-taught musician. After getting a guitar, his favorite instrument to use in his music, on his sixteenth birthday he just kept playing until he got it all down. Even then he kept playing, fear of “getting stale” he says. Using YouTube to get his music out there he eventually released some EPs and in due time was able to release his album The Morning through the Warner music label.

So all this said, what of The Morning? Well, it’s a pretty good album. I’m one of those people who value lyrics almost as much as the instrumentation in songs, perhaps even more so. Watson did not disappoint, I can clearly hear everything he sings and understands the sentiments quite clearly. The music itself is also very nice to listen to, notes carrying smoothly and distinctly in each song.

As far as my own personal tastes go, I find the album a bit slow. Is this a bad thing though? Certainly not, the world is big enough to have a place for all sorts of music, fast slow, mellow, loud, angry, happy etc. Watson clearly has put his passion and hard work into his music and that dedication has yielded a very nice album for the ears to hear. An artist definitely worth supporting I feel. If you find yourself among those who quite enjoy acoustic music, definitely give it a listen. As for me, not my personal taste, but quality succeeds personal preferences and thus I can gladly stamp the album with a BurstOut rating of approval.

– Michelle Kearney
Director of BurstOut Reviews


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