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What Rudy Giuliani’s Fox News Rant Meant for Impeachment


What Rudy Giuliani’s Fox News Rant Meant for Impeachment

President Donald Trump has his share of terrible lawyers. From slimy Michael Cohen to all of the legal advisers that have now been booted from the Trump legal team, the pool of questionable legal experts Trump can pull from is getting low. Trump’s recent pick is the former mayor of New York City and boisterous politician Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani’s name may be better than Trump’s, especially since he led NYC during 9/11. That being said, Giuliani is just as bombastic, unpredictable, and oblivious as Donald Trump. If you don’t believe that, I’ll refer you to a recent interview with Sean Hannity.

Giuliani has always been a MAGA (Make America Great Again) superfan, even supporting our orange man and chief after that infamous Access Hollywood tape revealed Trump’s supposed ‘locker room talk’ about assaulting women. Trump recognized Giuliani’s fandom and added him to Trump’s seemingly chaotic legal team. Giuliani, being the legal expert he is, decided to take to the airwaves, and sit down for an interview with living angry potato, Sean Hannity on Fox News. What followed was an explosive and incriminating discussion that may have dug Trump’s legal efforts into an even bigger hole than they were in before.

Forgetting Giuliani’s claims that Trump can’t be subpoenaed (he can) and that Mueller’s year-long investigation has amounted to nothing (Paul Manafort on house arrest and over 19 indictments is far from nothing), Giuliani shed some light on the details of the building Stormy Daniels situation. Apart from the Russian collusion debacle, there is also the supposed silencing of ex-Trump mistress and well-accomplished porn star Stormy Daniels. Supposedly, slimy Cohen and Trump paid off Daniels hush money during the 2016 election.

If Trump was unaware of the payment of $130,000 to Daniels, then there would be no problem. However, Giuliani’s interview with Sean Hannity proved that Trump was, in fact, aware of the payment which is a big campaign finance law ‘no-no.’ Allegedly Cohen paid Stormey the $130,000 from his wallet but was repaid by Trump in a series of installments. No matter what Guiliani says, this is illegal. Personal funds used to silence someone is a campaign finances violation, which, go figure, is incredibly illegal and more importantly, impeachable. Even Sean Hannity was aware of the hole Giuliani was digging for the Trump campaign and tried to remind Guiliani of the grave mistake he was making (to no avail).

As can be expected, team Trump doubled down on Giuliani’s statements, which has added to the chaos. In the short term, this benefits Trump’s efforts. To him, the more confusion, the better. Absolute chaos has helped Trump in the past with other legal squabbles; however, Trump is about to find out that being the President is much different than being an incompetent and shady businessman. While this may play well in the short-term, this could spell the end for President Donald in the long-run. Time will tell how Trump’s ‘bull in a china shop’ like tactics will play out, but it’s easy to see that Trump and friends are leaning hard into madness than rational action and common sense.


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