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Singer-songwriter Andrea Desmond is Set to Take the World by Storm

Andrea Desmond, Singer-songwriter, artist, los angeles, inner fire


Singer-songwriter Andrea Desmond is Set to Take the World by Storm

This award-winning singer is continuing to rise up – fast

A soulful singer-songwriter hailing from the star-studded, culturally rich city of Los Angeles, Andrea Desmond is an up-and-coming artist who is already making waves in the indie pop sector of music. Raised with a lifelong love of music, she began pursuing and fine-tuning her musical talents from a young age, where she surrounded herself with music and learned valuable songwriting skills from her cousin, the Oscar-winning composer of Disney classic films, including Beauty and the Beast. This set her on a magical journey out into the music scene where she could pursue her passion and make a name for herself.

After she obtained her bachelor’s in music with an emphasis on composition, Andrea took her love for and knowledge of music to new heights and joined a cover band that would eventually lead her down the brave and adventurous path of writing and performing her own music in her new solo career. Andrea spent some time as the head of a band in Seattle in 2012, revamping and developing her writing style under the production expertise of Martin Feveyear. In 2013, Andrea was signed to Spectra Records, an indie label that released her EP and led her to winning a few awards.

Andrea Desmond, Artist, Singer-songwriterRecently, she was signed to Love Harmony Records as her new label and is working under Creative Music Agency for her management team, bringing her to new heights. With that new team, she plans to release a new single on June 26th, 2018, followed by the EP at the end of August.

Additionally, Andrea has recently had her music licensed by the Discovery Network, which includes prominent partners such as TLC and the Oprah Winfrey Network. It was also licensed by the PBS Series “Road Trip Nation” and with Magical Elves, which is known for its production of Top Chef.

Andrea’s most recent single, “Inner Fire,” brings her into her new age of music where her sound has begun to evolve as a pop and top 40 artist. Since stepping into this new sort of sound, she played her debut show while opening at a Regina Spektor concert with the VIPs of the House of Blues, Anaheim. Word is getting out about her through prominent players in the music industry, including interviews with iHeartRadio and KISS 107.7 FM.

Reviewers everywhere seem to know that she is going to reach new heights with the music she’s creating, with comments from Music News Nashville calling her a “triple threat” and Indie Shark Reviews says she’s “likable, genuine and … kindhearted” with a “nice voice” that is sure to carry her to the next level. Her tonality has been described as soulful and almost angelic, carrying tunes that easily fit into the indie scene with music that aligns with the modern pop music of today. Uplifting and engaging, Andrea Desmond has transformed her kind smile into a voice that is just the same and is ready to take the world by storm, one single at a time.

Andrea can be found on her website and all social media channels. Watch the lyric video below for Andrea’s song, “Inner Fire”.

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