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Becoming A BurstOut Contributor In Less than 4 Steps!


Becoming A BurstOut Contributor In Less than 4 Steps!

Welcome to BurstOut! Founded by RJ Tolson, and led by both him and Kevin E. Wood, BurstOut is a is a ‘premier publishing platform’, providing definitive coverage of literature, music, art, fashion, technology, business and culture through the magazine and our digital content network, BurstOut. It’s a division of parent company CapriTaurus Media, which also manages CapriTaurus Studios. What follows is a brief guide with everything you need to become a BurstOut contributor. It’s set up like a checklist to make it easy to track your progress!

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Step #1: Get set up on Social Media.

Create an account on at least one platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus). We ask this as we link all contributor profiles to a social media account, and it helps gives you a bigger following and potential reader count.

◻︎ Go to the respective platform’s website and click on the “Sign In / Sign Up” button.

◻︎ You’ll be prompted to upload a profile photo among other options. We recommend using a professional photo, but if this is not available a clear, appropriate photo of yourself will work. We do this for credibility purposes.

Set up your profile

◻︎ Once you’re logged in, you will need to edit your “Profile” from the menu, and click “Edit” just under your name.

◻︎ Upload a headshot and add a short bio to your profile. (We will ask for a photo, social link, and short bio for your contributor profile on BurstOut, so this makes it easy for you).

◻︎ Be sure to save!

Once your account is all set up, please fill out this form in its entirety to make sure we have your information in our system. Once you’ve filled out the form and submitted, please allow about 72 hours before your information is processed by a managing editor. (Keep in mind, you may or may not be contacted, so please do not resend).

Step #2: Create your first post after being approved!

Important: Are you cross-posting an article that originally appeared elsewhere online or are you publishing a new story? These have different instructions!

I’m cross-posting an article that originally appeared elsewhere online

◻︎ Do not copy and paste the original post into a new story on BurstOut. (Google penalizes duplicate posts! & We will see this when the managing editor reviews your submission!)

◻︎ Do copy and paste the original story link into this tool, which automatically imports your article from the original site, preserves your SEO, and allows you to make changes/edits once uploaded. This tool allows your article to appear in two places at once without diluting your search results. (More info here.)

I’m publishing a brand-new story

◻︎ A managing editor will be in contact with you, and you will be sending your first article directly to them. Below are elements to keep in mind for your article.

◻︎ Your draft should have each of the following four elements:

A headline (obviously!)

A custom subtitle. NOTE: Your subtitle is as crucial as your headline! We cannot publish or promote your post without one. The subtitle is the line right under the headline: “A Platform for aspiring successes and people looking to be inspired and driven in life.”) Pro tip: Once you’ve written your subtitle, format it by selecting the text and clicking on the smaller “T” in the pop-up menu.

Your full story text

At least one image, positioned directly under your headline and subhead. NOTE: Picking an image—the right image—is possibly the most crucial part of your post. We cannot publish posts without images! Our image resource guide, here, has a great list of sites with beautiful, original images. Pictures that feel overly clichéd, or “stock,” do nothing to widen your readership.

Because it’s published from your own account, there is no need to include a byline, author bio, or a “link back” to your page at the bottom of your post.

Step #3: Submit your post!

You’re almost done! These instructions are the same, whether you’re cross-posting an article or publishing a new story.

◻︎ After you have written at least one article through a managing editor’s approval and it’s been published, you will be given a login to access BurstOut’s internal interface for contributors to given you the option to directly submit articles for review.

◻︎ Login with your given credentials, submit post (add post), fill in the title, subtitle (excerpt), and text, and add your features photo. Click on the button “save draft” text in the top right corner of the screen. Please keep in mind tags and categories are added by the managing editor before they approve your article for publishing. Do not hit “Publish”!

◻︎ Contact a BurstOut managing editor or staff member and let them know you have an article awaiting approval for publishing. You are finished as soon as you’ve let them know.

◻︎ We’ll publish on your behalf; you’ll be notified via email when the piece is live. Your post will appear in the BurstOut publication, as well as under your BurstOut contributor profile page.

When you submit content to BurstOut, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to our Terms.

That’s it!

You’re now an official BurstOut contributor. For any additional questions, please see our FAQ.

BurstOut Contributor FAQ:

After I submit, when will my piece be published?

It can take us anywhere from a few hours to several days to review and post submissions.

Can I post videos and audio as well?

Yes, we support text, video, audio, photo, Tweets, instagram and facebook posts, or any combination of these formats.

How often should I submit posts?

As often as you’d like!

How long should my articles be?

Pieces that are about a 4–5 minute read (generally no longer than 300–800 words) perform best on BurstOut. But if you’ve got more to say, have at it! Keep in mind Genre as well, reviews that are longer 1000-3000 words tend to do well as people want to get the most out of their time!

Can I publish pieces that have previously lived elsewhere online?

Yes! Please use the importing tool to upload the piece from the original site, instead of copy and pasting the piece into a new BurstOut Post.

What if I’ve made changes to an old article? Do I still need to use the import tool?

Yes! Please use the import tool for ALL previously-published pieces. Once your piece is uploaded to BurstOut, you’ll be able to make changes/edits.

What topics can I write about?

Topics to explore include (but are not limited to): Culture  (Ex: Politics, Games, Arts, Books, Music, Fashion, Film), Business & Tech (Ex: Science, Technology, Internet), Lifestyle (Ex: Beauty, Food, Health, Travel, Sports and Fitness, etc), Features / Reviews (Ex: Products, Services, Books, Movies, Games, Restaurants, Experiences, etc), News  (Ex: Breaking, Trending, Updates, Daily, etc).

What is BurstOut’s editorial schedule?

We have a rolling editorial calendar, and there’s no formal “pitch” process. Please submit content to our BurstOut publication as it’s ready.

Can I write under a pseudonym?

No. Contributors must write under their own names.

Can I publish content I’m sending to BurstOut to my own blog account as well?

Once we publish your post, it will automatically appear on your own contributor profile page, as well as in BurstOut’s publication. You can repost on your site our ours, but keep in mind credibility may be taken away from doing so.

How do I get people to read my stuff?

This article has essential information about extending your reach on BurstOut. Sharing on your own social media accounts always helps, too!


RJ is a bestselling author (of 4 books and two manga), internationally recognized entrepreneur, digital influencer, and co-founder of CapriTaurus Media, the parent company of BurstOut and CapriTaurus Studios. He loves fun, creative, and interesting brands, products, projects, and startups.

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