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Ryan Cassata’s New Song, ‘Daughter’ Strikes a Chord in Trans Community


Ryan Cassata’s New Song, ‘Daughter’ Strikes a Chord in Trans Community

Few musicians resonate as deeply with the transgender community like Ryan Cassata. In his recent single, ‘Daughter,’ Cassata speaks to the entire transgender community through sharing his own story of overcoming. In ‘Daughter’s,’ music video, Cassata retells his journey of expressing his authentic self to his family, and the challenges he faced with coming out to his father.

24-year-old singer-songwriter Ryan Cassata has been in the music business for over a decade. He started his career at age 13 with the creation of his YouTube channel where he shares songs and vlogs that give viewers a closer look into his life as a transgender man. Today the channel has boomed entertaining and educating more than 67,000 subscribers. ‘Daughter,’ is one of many songs that Cassata uses to focus on transgender perspectives, which often go unheard in the music industry.

“I didn’t change who I am, I’ve always  been a man,” Cassata sings during ‘Daughter’s catchy chorus, “Still it changed your world, but Dad, I’ll always stay your little girl.”

In the music video, a young transgender teen comes out to their father, which disrupts their relationship, as the father is unwilling to accept his child for who they are. Unfortunately, this is a familiar story in the LGBTQIA community. Although, Cassata ends with a hopeful message, showing the father embraces his son and celebrate who he is and his differences.

Cassata has tackled transgender issues head throughout his work, however, ‘Daughter’ is bound to be his most personal song to date. In a HuffPost interview, Cassata stated that ‘Daughter’ was inspired by his own family’s struggle to reconcile with his identity as a trans-man.

“It [was] a process for me, but it was also a process for my parents…the lyrics display the sense of hope that I always had as I continuously tried to educate my parents towards accepting me.”

Cassata is currently hard at work on a memoir, further detailing his life as a transgender man. He is also working on an album to follow-up his 2016 release, ‘Shine.’ With ‘Daughter,’ Cassata hopes for people to understand that transitioning doesn’t change the person. 

“Yeah, transitioning will probably make someone happier, but they still have the same soul. I hope for trans people to realize that words like ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ really mean the same thing as long as you are loved unconditionally and treated with respect.”


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