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10 Style Hacks From The UK’s Best Stylists



10 Style Hacks From The UK’s Best Stylists

Who’d be a stylist? While the clothes horse gets the plaudits, it’s the hands off-camera that actually pick out what they wear.

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The same people who tweak a jacket to fit perfectly, or spot fix coffee stains caused by shaky, hungover hands. A stylist’s trade is to make messy reality look perfect; for that, they need some serious tricks.
Great stylists are masters of deception – just ask Natalia Keet, the hands behind shoots for Elle, Marie Claire and Wanted, who once turned up on set to find an underwear model’s entire back puffy from fresh ink. “We couldn’t do makeup because the tattoo was so swollen,” she says. Strategic placement of clothes and limbs kept the red, raw skin out of shot.
While you’ll hopefully never get a neck piece the day before a job interview, these pro tips will save your look on days that would otherwise be stymied by stains, rips, or clothes that just don’t fit. So you can at least pretend to always be put together.

Safety Pins Can Replace A Tailor

Daisy Deane, a fashion stylist and creative consultant who’s worked with Rollacoaster, Men’s Health and Adidas, has one golden rule: always carry safety pins. “If you pop a button, rip your jeans, or have a hole in a really inappropriate place, they come in handy,” she says. Just pin from the inside, so your fix is invisible. Unless you want to channel this season’s punk trend. If your jacket is too big and you’re heading straight from the office to an event, pins are a DIY tailor. “Turn the jacket inside out and pin excess fabric inside, along the seam. That way there is no weird fold and you can’t see the pin. Keep going until it fits properly.”
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