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Charley Teez’s New Fashion Line Rises up


Charley Teez’s New Fashion Line Rises up

Fashion exploits the publication scene heavily every year, so it’s now imperative to add a new up and coming clothing line that’s sure to grow iconic measures. CHARLEY TEEZ has clothing fanatics craving for its distinctive designs and exciting new apparel. Originated in Joliet, IL., the name come not only from the owner’s middle name, but has exceeded the average meaning for a company’s title.

In biblical terms, the word Charles means “man”, and the most high created man out of his own image, so it’s safe to say that all people can claim this title. In the summer of 2016, CHARLEY TEEZ was born. This inspirational brand was created to help better comprehend the principles of the Bible’s teachings through design and to bring light to who we are and to whom we serve.

Creating the designs to become conversational pieces was key for the staff of CHARLEY TEEZ making it time for the world to receive a new designing conglomerate. Besides being hands on and philanthropic with its valued concepts, the goals for increasing a production team, establishing jobs and getting a state of the art design studio are just some of the near future objectives. Passing the owner’s personal experiences through his company’s designs and spreading positivity through fashion changes the course on how the industry of fashoin is presently marketed.

Short films, commercials and promo trailers will be part of this mass campaign to attract audiences and elevate the levels of thinking to create a process of better living and shine light on the intent to spread the words of the most high! Now approaching 2019, expect huge things for CHARLEY TEEZ and look out for some surprising but hot clothing!

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