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18 Incredible Hair Makeovers That’ll Make You Want To Get A Haircut

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18 Incredible Hair Makeovers That’ll Make You Want To Get A Haircut

1. This woman, who took it ALL OFF.

@rambut_bob / Via

2. And this blonde bombshell, who got a fresh new ‘do.

@interiormama / Via

3. This beauty who went short and light.

@theshorthairclub / Via

4. And this lovely, whose close crop kept a bit of curl.

@bumbleandbumble / Via

5. This curly girl.

@meucabelocurto / Via

6. This woman, who took it all off.

@theshorthairclub / Via

7. And this woman who did a big chop, too.

@thecutlife / Via

8. This woman, who generously donated 12 inches of her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children who can’t grow hair due to illness.

@ellethorpe / Via

9. Just look at all that hair!

@short_haircuts / Via

10. This redheaded wonder.

@ kaseyatcharlespenzo / Via

11. And this wavy-tressed woman, too.

@laurenberquisthair / Via

12. This gorgeously highlighted head.

@stylistjenpark / Via

13. And this babe, who went shorter — and lighter — in one go.

@ralma.d / Via

14. This doll, who kept the slightest green tip to her tresses.

@ri23ck / Via

15. And this woman, who went from nearly waist-length to gorgeously wavy.

@maldstar / Via

16. This beautiful bob.

@studio237 / Via

17. This pixie-ish pretty.

@liberatedsalon / Via

18. And this woman, who went from long and straight to full and wavy.

@derekshane_salon / Via

Go forth and go short!

Shiseido / Via

– This article is a repost. The original article was published by Buzzfeed, written by Julie Gerstein on October 3, 2016 and can be read in full here

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