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Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Challenged To A Rap Battle And Talked About Harry Potter

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Challenged To A Rap Battle And Talked About Harry Potter

Lin-Manuel Miranda is pretty damn incredible at rapping, which we all know because he’s the creator of the world’s greatest hip-hop musical about the life of the first US treasury secretary, Hamilton.

Instagram: @hamiltonmusical

So when he appeared on the Tonight Show on Tuesday to talk all things Hamilton and SNL, of course Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a rap battle.

In a recurring segment known as “Wheel of Freestyle”, Lin was challenged to freestyle a rap that included three phrases. This was his first challenge:

Robot. Corn maze. Harry Potter.


Robot. Corn maze. Harry Potter.


Things got pretty nerdy pretty quickly.

He then was given his second challenge: Pop Tart. Unicorn. Election Day.

Does this mean that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a brony??

And then this happened. Oh, Lin.


Lin-Manuel Miranda


I blacked out during Wheel of Freestyle and well, you’ll see

You may have blacked out, but you still killed it.

– This article is a repost. The original article was published by Buzzfeed, written by Ellie Bate on October 5, 2016 and can be read in full here

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1 Comment

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